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Through our programs and membership community, we are certain we will guide you to becoming the confident, fulfilled human you were put on this earth to become!

Mindset Foundations Program 

Mindset Foundations Program is the groundwork needed for athletes and all indivduals to realize their unlimited capabilities. This program gives you a deep understanding of what is going on behind the scenes in both your mind as an athlete and as a person. When we know the why, the how becomes more clear.  

Mindset Integration Program 

Mindset Integration Program is where you identify what you want for your next level of success and determine why it isn't already here. We create a plan to become the person needed to reach your vision through the evaluation of beliefs, integration of practices,  clear action steps, accountability, and coaching.

Mindset Membership

Once you complete the Mindset Foundations Program and the Mindset Integration Programs then it is time that you join us inside of Mindset Membership! 


Hey, I'm Amy!

I am so glad that you landed here. I can't wait to meet you, learn more about your story, and guide you on your mindset journey to remembering who you already are!

I am a mama of three, married to my best friend, and obsessed with helping people consciously create the life of their dreams. 

I am passionate about helping athletes, coaches, parents, supporters, and everyone with mindset tools to help you and those you serve to reach your goals and open up your mind to possibilities you didn’t even realize existed.

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It's not by accident that we ran into each other, and for that reason I can't wait to learn more about you! Leave us the best way to contact you so we can gift you with some amazing content, strategies, and a bit of motivation!